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Our goal is to make learning English easy, fun and memorable.  With songs that teach useful phrases, Big Wave English wants to help students of all English levels learn (and remember) English!

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Nursery rhymes are great, but for students who are learning English as a foreign language, they're not very useful (and sometimes they don't even make sense!).  We've written songs that try to incorporate words and phrases that are useful in daily life.

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PoBoMo Simple Songs for Learning English
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In China, our content can be found on TaoBao JiaoYu. In all other regions, you can access our content on YouTube!

PoBoMo 现在转用 淘宝教育平台(播放我们的视频课程。 进如果您是我们的VIP 会员,需要进入课程学习,请发电子邮件, 或者来电15289237369, 我们会尽快回复您, 让您和孩子尽快恢复学习的时间,我们很抱歉给您带来的不便!

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​Let's Connect!

You can find us on FaceBook (@BigWaveSing) or on WeChat (戴洛一家亲).  We would love to hear from you.  Let us know if there's a topic we can put in a song to help you learn!

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